Twenties Dirtbag

イギリスの大学院で脳の勉強をしてきた25歳、今は広告業界で働きながら、ボルダリングジムを経営中! 基本的にどうでもいいはなし。

Whose diary is this.

Recently, I spend all of my life on studying or seeking for something.
Today I wrote the sentence about myself "My Dream" on white board in my laboratory.

After writing, I have noticed that I often had used the word "something"
There are a lot of "something" in my writing.

This means, my idea still complicated and not arranged.
Although I know what do I want to do in my future, this thinking had been not clear.
Anyway I thought that I have to consider deeply and knowingly.

By the way, I will write diary happen in following .
I have only class in Thursday. 
And, I went to "Hara Donut" in my part of class.

I am tired to write this article in English, I will be finished.

sorry for my mistake.