Twenties Dirtbag


Realized the dream

I'm glad to hear that my friend became to be CA in famous aviation company, JAL.
She realized her dream by herself. When I met before, we talked about our dream, what we wanna be in our own future, in the library of our university. Then she has been said to want to be so, as the reason that, she had had a school for people who hope to able to work in Airline as a CA.

Hearing from talk about what get a job, I'm gradually exiting more and more I'v been heard.

I remembered that my ideal is to get a environment like surrounding by vivid people and encourage each other.

Hopes what I have are just expanded hearing from that happy news, and I wanna collect more Hopes.

Absolutely, you make me cheer , encourage and wonderful feeling.

Now, I also came up with that I had forgotten for a long time recently.
Definitely, I must get a ideal , must .. MUST!