Twenties Dirtbag

イギリスの大学院で脳の勉強をしてきた25歳、今は広告業界で働きながら、ボルダリングジムを経営中! 基本的にどうでもいいはなし。

Job hunting 

I have an ideal company to work for after I graduate from my University. The company's main business is crowd funding called Ready For? that is the first one introduce that business from other country to Japan.

I'v been considering how should I do whether I can work there or not as I will be in far from office, Gunma.
Maybe it's takes about three hours by bus and train and, of course, these way I planed would be needed a lot of money and time.
But I don't so much care about the latter one because the main reason I decided to defer my admission period is to study in regard to what I'm going to study in UK as my own graduate study.
There is many time to spend on reading something in the bus while I absolutely sit not in train.

Some of which I wanna get knowledges are cognitive neuroscience on human being, computer science, philosophy, information technology and so on.

I had worried that if I get a job as a member of Ready For?, can I get cost of transportation. As I stated above, it's take both time and money, namely taking cost a lot!
Nevertheless, the problem is solved soon after I confide my propose, can I get...?, fortunately they said sure but there was a promise in term of working attitude of me.

To be honest, it's doesn't matter for me to be asked above, I know I am a man who is workaholic in favourable work, RF is the best company which I want for work in my choice I have ever known.

After getting a offer, I think that it is very good for me that the founder  are close to me because, maybe you know, I become to get information concerning how to manage the company, consist of business as a venture company and be suggested some aspect of chance.
In addition, compare to a large company, we do a lot of things to grow and chance.

Currently, I am attending study session in regards to Human Factors.